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The islands turquoise see and magnificent reef which supports more than 500 different lifeforms is the setting for the Hotel CristalmarIsla Mujeres is an ideal vacation choice, aside from its legends and history, the island processes great natural charm and spectacular scenery. It’s only 8 kilometers long and 1.5 km wide, you can sight-seer the entire island, including both leeward and windward coasts, on a bicycle, golf cart or motor scooter.

Downtown (Centro) is host to many fine boutiques and art and crafts stores and the restaurants offer a wide range of fine cuisine. You will see many brightly painted traditional Caribbean wooden houses and at night, locals and tourists stroll the street and relax in the town square and share the experience of life on Isla Mujeres.

Explore the marvelous underwater world of the great Mayan reef in Isla MujeresA generous strip of the Great Mayan Reef, the longest system in the hemisphere, runs the length of the Isla Mujeres. Diving and snorkeling this gorgeous underwater world are favorite pastimes,  as is sunbathing on Playa Norte, the island’s most popular beach. The water here is clear and shallow, making it the perfect water sports arena. A boat tour around  these beautiful waters is a must for all visitors as is a trip to nearby Isla Contoy.

Isla Mujeres was visited hundreds of years ago by the ancient Maya, one of the greatest cultures the world  has ever produced. They believed the island was sacred  to the mother goddess Ixchel, and erected statues in  her honor along the shore. These blatantly feminine  figurines captured the imagination of Francisco  Fernandez de Cordoba when he and his men arrived in  1517 and to him goes the credit for the islands  provocative name, Island of Women.

In the centuries that followed, Pirates and adventurers of every kind landed on the islands velvet shores. One of them, Fermin Mundaca, fell hopelessly in love with a native girl and built her a wonderful  hacienda. She turned him down flat, fleeing the island in the arms of her Mayan lover. Utterly dejected, Mundaca let the place go to ruin. It was later used as a Pirates hideout and is still standing today, a favorite tourist attraction



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