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Spots to visit at Isla Mujeres

Island of women” is a charming small island with the most beautiful beaches like “PLAYA NORTE”, as well as colorful Caribbean houses, boutique hotels, and friendly people. You can access to Women Island from Cancun at ferry shuttle, or in a Catamaran tour to Island, or renting a private yacht to navigate around Isla Mujeres.

It blends the rustic with the modern, making this island a must…located in front of the coast of Cancun, over an extension of 7.5 km long and 500 m wide, Isla Mujeres was, during the Maya empire the sanctuary of Ixchel, the Maya goddess of fertility, abundance, and medicine.

Harbor at Beach Club Isla Mujeres

Pirates at the Island

To the mid-16th century, Spaniards arrived at the Mexican Coast and the small island became a fishing village. Other versions say the island served as a refuge of pirates, who during their robbery used to take women hostage. One of hem, Mundaca pirate, built a hacienda on the island as his home with a pretty Mayan girl of which he felt in love with.

Tourism today

Nowadays, Isla Mujeres boasts a hotel infrastructure with 1 to 5-star facilities, cozy boutique hotels, local and international fusion food restaurants, as well as beach clubs and bars. Isla Mujeres also offers eco-tourism experiences in places such as Garrafón Nature Park, Contoy island known as well as “bird island” or “the Turtle-farm”. If you are looking for aquatic sports, come and swim with dolphins or in the famous Cave of the Sleeping Sharks, and snorkel or dive in Faritos and Manchones reefs!

To sightseeing around the island rent a golf cart and walk through the North area, where you will see the most incredible beaches. Or rent a bike.

Golf cart at Beach Club Isla Mujeres Bycicle at Beach Club Isla Mujeres

When on the island taste the “tikinxik”, a typical fresh fish from the area as the Maya used to cook. Some good options of restaurants to try this delight are Playa Lancheros, Tikinxik or El Comején, located seafront to spend a beautiful day. Isla Mujeres is a pretty island in the Mexican Caribbean that invites you to enjoy its natural wonders, as well as the hospitality of its people!

bufet at Beach Club Isla Mujeres

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