Where to go at Isla Mujeres & What to do at Isla Mujeres

SNORKEL AND SCUBA DIVE. You may Snorkel & Scuba Dive including reef diving to explore the island coasts in the variety of national parks of Isla Mujeres.
Scuba diving and snorkeling around Isla Mujeres are one of those things you will never forget. Perfect waters for beginners and advanced divers can be explored in great diving locations such as Manchones reef, where they planted the bay cross paying tribute to the men of the sea, Cuevones and Banderas reefs located off of Isla’s shore. Every august a mass dive celebrating Isla Mujeres’ founding, back in 1854, takes place on this magnificent island.WHALE SHARKS.  Every year during summertime, from June to September, in an approximately seven-mile range, just north of the island, hundreds of whale sharks congregate in these tropical waters of rich plankton, algae, and small fish.  The opportunity to admire the world’s largest shark in their natural habitat is one of the amazing and unforgettable experiences you need to live when visiting Isla Mujeres.
What you may not know about whale sharks!  Despite or their names, they are not whales.  Whale sharks can have a mouth up to 5 feet wide with 300 rows of tiny teeth; however, they are very docile creatures.  The average whale shark is 25 feet long and they can live from 60 to 150 years. Their teeth play no part in their feeding process.  They can pass over 1500 gallons of water through its gills every hour. Whale sharks can only swim at around 3 miles/hour and are solitary creatures, which makes Isla Mujeres whale shark season every year a unique experience to see them gathered in groups.The cave of sleeping sharks is one of the underwater wonders of Isla Mujeres. A deep-sea cave where whale sharks sleep with their eyes opened that was founded around 50 years ago by adventurer diver Carlos Garcia. Freediving was more than 60 feet you will find these amazing creatures.GARRAFON PARK, an amazing reef formation located on the south part of the island, right in front of Cancun seashores, welcomes parents and children to enjoy a real nature experience swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, visiting Punta Sur, the “blue eye cave” and also offering aerial tours, restaurant and bar facilities and dive shops

And also you can visit the turtle sanctuary at the south of the island where you will find all kinds of turtle protection activities, especially during their nesting season, which stretches from May to October every year.

FISHING TRIPS. Going fishing? Isla Mujeres is a fishing village where you can experience from yearly international tournaments to off-shore and deep-sea fishing.

Located on the southernmost tip of the island, where the sun rises, is the Park of Sculptures. Because of its unique geographic location, it was designated as a permanent open-air museum in 2001 and displays 23 original pieces by local and foreign artists. Among the most famous pieces are the ones made by the world-famous Mexican sculptors Sebastian and Jose Luis Cuevas.It is a splendid site enhanced by the incredible backdrop of majestic cliffs and the stunning turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The Park of Sculptures is located where the sun rises every morning. Designated as an open-air museum in 2001, this Isla Mujeres park features about 20 local and foreign artists pieces including Mexican sculptors Sebastian and Jose Luis Cuevas. The north part of the island will allow you to admire an open-air sculpture museum. You will enjoy the magical experience of being in the first place over the Mexican republic to receive the rays of the sun every morning.TURTLE FARM
Located on the southern part of the island, and supported by the Mexican government and private funds, at Isla Mujeres turtle farm you will learn about preservation and will admire turtles in different stages of development.
Every year from May to September, Isla Mujeres welcomes hundreds of giant sea turtles that come to lay their eggs in the beaches of white and fine sand of the island. Mexican laws protect sea turtles and their eggs are deposited in special areas safe from predators. Once little turtles are strong and ready islanders, tourists and children help them to return to their natural habitat and release them to the sea.
The Turtle Sanctuary opens daily. Visitors and especially kids will learn about preservation and will admire turtles ranging in weight from 5 oz to more than 600 pounds in different stages of development.
Other attractions of the west side of the island are swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery park and visiting the underwater statue of the virgin near the lighthouse.
Considering that the island is relatively flat bike trips are very easy. For those not wishing to travel by bike, then renting a golf cart or motorized bike will work as well.Shopping lovers of regional and Mexican handicrafts will find a perfect spot with a great variety of shops around every corner of the pedestrian street. Also jewelry stores, boutiques and bars and places to enjoy the island way of life.Nightlife is known for both: Sensitive and pedestrian, very much Playa del Carmen style, Isla streets like Hidalgo and Guerrero Ave have places such as Nitrox, Kokonuts, La Adelita, Tequila Sunrise, La Peña Bar, among others of particular Caribbean charm perfect for dancing the whole night: with live music, from mariachi to country music, including pop & even hip hop, performed by locals and visitors. For those who prefer to play pool, then Sergio´s bar is the place. And only a few walks from the hotel, a great place for happy hour is the very well known Buho´s.
“Isla”, as locals call it, first news dated back to 564-1516 A.D. when it was a Mayan province, Ekab, one of the four provinces or Mayan territories that formed what is today the State of Quintana Roo and at that time was a sanctuary to Ixchel (goddess of weaving, happiness, the moon, abundance, and medicine, among others).
It may seem unusual to visit a cemetery while on holiday, but Isla Mujeres Panteon Municipal is worth a visit because it is so colorful.

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